AquaMaxx Aquarium Leveling Mat - 47.2 inch x 23.6 inch (8mm)

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Aquamaxx Aquarium Leveling Mat - 47.2 inch x 23.6 inch, 5mm thick

Simply cut the mat to the size of the aquarium.

Recommended for use under all frameless aquariums, acrylic aquariums or any flat bottom aquariums. The mat will smooth out small uneven surfaces on your aquarium stands as well as compensate for leveling to a small degree. The leveling mat helps to evenly distribute pressure and ensure the longevity of your aquarium. Please do note that even with the use of a leveling mat, it is always recommended to have your stands as level as possible before continuing setup.

Uneven surfaces can add unnecessary stress to the aquarium bottom panel or walls. By having a solid and leveled stand along with the leveling mat, you can decrease the stress pressure points thus increasing the integrity and longevity of the aquarium. All aquariums will flex to a degree and are designed to do so from manufacturing specifications. As aquarium keepers, we would want our investment to last. It is the utmost importance to make certain your aquarium stand is precisely even and leveled. The AquaMaxx Aquarium Leveling Mat will offer you that needed extra protection and make certain of an even stand surface for the aquarium.