AquaFX SUPER High Capacity Replacement Carbon Block Filter Cartridge

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AquaFx carbon blocks are the most recognized and widely used carbon blocks in the industry, and after 15 years its clear to see why. 

The raw carbon used in the AquaFX carbon blocks offers only the best in chlorine removal and VOC reduction. AquaFx has set the industry standard yet again with a filter that outperforms anything available to the public. These are made in industry standard sizes so if you have a system manufactured by someone else you can still use the best filter available. 

  • 12,000 total gallon removal of 0.2 PPM chlorine in tap water (versus 3000 for regular capacity)
  • Heavy removal capacity - The life of the carbon block is directly related to the amount of contaminants in the water supply
  • In some applications 2 carbon blocks will be used to ensure membrane life and health.