API SuperClean 10 Internal Power Filter

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API SUPERCLEAN internal power filter is a low maintenance, easy to use, compact filter for small aquariums up to 10 US gallons. API SUPERCLEAN makes water clean and crystal clear.

The exclusive research grade resin-carbon blend in Crystal Bio-Chem Zorb cartridge removes compounds that carbon alone cannot remove.

  • Aquarium volume: up to 10 US gallons
  • Water flow rate: 45 GPH
  • Compact, powerful design takes up less space leaving more room for fish; It provides the cleaning efficiency of a large filter in a compact size
  • 1 Crystal Bio-Chem Zorb cartridge Size 10 makes water 3 times clearer than competitive filters; Removes debris, odors and colors
  • Unique outflow enhances aeration and water flow