API FilStar XP Canister Filter

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Advanced Technology, superior design, large media capacity, strong flow rates and solid construction make the API FILSTAR xP Canister Filters a very reliable and easy-to-maintain canister filter. Fill color instruction book for easy step-by-step set up. Self priming, for fast and easy maintenance- no pumping necessary.

  • Two flexible tubes that measure 59 inches long.
  • Set of accessories (inlet and outlet tubes, goose-neck, suction cups)
  • Illustrated instructions
  • 30ppi foam for removal of finer debris
  • Bio-Chem Stars for superior biological filtration.
  • Superior Resins & Activated Carbon to keep aquarium water clean and clear. (Size 6)
  • Micro-filtration Pad for ultra-fine filtration and polishing
  • Flow-rate: 250 U.S. GAL/h (950 L/h)
  • Aquarium volume: up to 45 U.S. GAL (170L)
  • Canister volume (1.1 U.S. GAL (4.4L)
  • Waterflow with filtration media and accessories: 142 U.S. GAL/h (535L/h)
  • Number of filter baskets: 1
  • Power: 18W