AlgaGen PhycoPure Reef Blend

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PhycoPureTM REEF BLEND is a blend of LIVE microalgae specifically assembled for use as a supplement for marine reef aquarium filter feeders. PhytoPlankton are single celled “plants” that are important to the health of a reef tank. PhytoPlankton take excess nutrients such as nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, iron, as well as carbon dioxide, and combine them using sunlight, during photosynthesis, to create oxygen and the essential fatty acids that are critical to the health of marine organisms. These Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are either consumed directly by corals, clams, or other filter-feeders. Copepods also consume PhytoPlankton and are in turn eaten by fish or corals. In this way these super important fatty acids enter the food chain. PhycoPureTM REEF BLEND is composed of 9 different species of microalgae spanning a range of particle sizes (some-thing for everyone).

In addition, these species are well recognized for their nutritional properties. All come from temperature acclimated aquaculture strains are cultured in purified natural Atlantic Ocean water, pathogen-free and cleansed of excess nutrients. PhycoPureTM REEF BLEND should be refrigerated. It has no preservatives, is not subjected to harsh processing steps that might damage the cells, and is never prepackaged.

Ingredients: T. Iso, Rhodomona lens, Pavlova, Nannochloropsis Chaetoceros, Thalassiosria weissflogii, Zooxanthellae (2 clades), Micromonas, Synechococcus

Feeding Instructions: Shake before using, 5mL per 10 gallons, 3-4 times per week. May be spot fed, turn off skimmer for approximately ½ hour to ensure maximum benefit.