Accel Aquatics Dancing Wave Rotating Wavemaker

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The Accel Aquatics Dancing Wave is a great way to make waves and get rid of dead spots in your aquarium.

Simply attach a powerhead to the paddle and mount the Dancing Wave on your aquarium. The Dancing Wave will slowly oscillate the powerhead back and forth to generate waves and randomize currents.

  • Wide angel of rotation
  • Easily adjust to different angles
  • Compatible with many different pumps - Tunze, Rio / Seio, Hydor and many more
  • Can be mounted on a horizontal (euro-brace) or vertical wall up to 3/4"
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Safe 24V voltage
  • Rotation - 86 degrees
  • Pump mounting area - 3.25" Diameter
  • Rotation Time (each direction) - Approx. 12 seconds
  • Power Consumption - 5W
  • Tank mount width - up to 3/4"
*Requires a powerhead