Wondering Who We Are?

About Us 

“Specializing and Rare and Unusual Corals” that’s our mantra!  We are constantly searching for new and exciting corals that will thrive in your reef, and make your tank one of a kind!

 Aqua SD started in 2007 by Will and Alicia.  Our small backyard operation quickly outgrew itself with the high demand of exotic corals we were bringing in.  In early 2009 we started our first warehouse that was around 2000 sqft.  We moved since then to an even larger warehouse now, and just last year (2017) we have more than tripled our capacity with our farm addition.

 We are located in San Diego, just a couple hours south of Los Angeles, the main port for importing corals. We bring in 1 to 3 direct shipments weekly.  Each shipment contains approximately 350 pieces of live coral. Our warehouse consist of 30 troughs that are approx. 10’ x 3’ x 2’ tall, total water volume around 13,500 gallons!